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her name is wendy leonard
and her forecasts are extremely accurate
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8th-Nov-2007 01:07 am - [sticky post] Protected
Leave a comment and I will add you. Let me know where you found me.

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25th-Oct-2010 05:19 pm - semi friends cut
i just removed a mess of journals... abandoned, hardly active, secondary abandoned journals of people i still have added, don't know who you are, you used a rename token, i can't keep up with you, etc. if i made a mistake, or you would like to be re-added, let me know, but otherwise, sorry. :( i hardly have anyone added now, it's much easier that way. just know i like you a ton if i kept you.

ALSO i apologize for not commenting on anybody's entries in the longest time, i haven't read my friends list in forever. i do randomly look at journals though, especially if we're active in the same communities. i will try to comment more.

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